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SAPO Tracking Numbers Explained

We have all experienced the frustration of losing a parcel or a registered letter. What? you haven't? Well then it means you have had your tracking number ready when you picked up your parcel. And this, it turns out is VERY important.

Firstly, because there are over 200 different types of parcels at the Post Office! So if you turn up there with no tracking number but with a "these people are useless!" attitude then you are a d!ckhead. You would be holding up the queue because you seriously can't expect the lady/dude at the post office to go through 200 sections in the parcel room to look for your freakin parcel.

If you have your parcel tracking number handy then you will save everyone some time because it makes life a lot easier...

So let's break down the tracking number format:

If your tracking number has this format PE 111-111-111 ZA then it is an ordinary/econoparcel. So the lady knows to go that section of the parcel room.. alright you get the idea.

If your tracking number has this format PA 111-111-111 ZA then it is an ordinary/econoparcel which has been insured.

If your tracking number has this format RD 111-111-111 ZA then it is a registered letter.

If your tracking number has this format II 111-111-111ZA then it is an overseas parcel and if it is RI 111-111-111-ZA then it is an international letter. You should keep in mind that you might have to pay customs fees when receiving overseas parcels...

Now, any tracking number that starts with TA, TB, TC, TF, and TM are for Speed Services (overnight delivery).

REMEMBER: Take your ID with you. No ID, no parcel. Simple as that.. don't make a scene at the post office because the nice lady will not give you the parcel because you forgot your ID.

If you are reading this then you probably have access to the internet, then track your parcels online for SAPO, Speed Services and for all the major couriers in SA on www.trackmyparcel.co.za


SAPO Tracking Numbers Explained